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Hand Wrapping Prevention of Hand Injuries; Myth or Fact

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Hand wrapping is a personal preference for most athletes in terms of its application and feel. The question is whether it works in the prevention of hand Injuries?

As there is no quantifiable research on hand wrapping in Combat Sport as of yet, we will examine the effects of zinc oxide tape on other joints in the prevention of Injury.


A paper by Myburgh  K.H. et al (1) examining the effects of zinc oxide tape vs ankle straps and guards finds that tape does work and is most restrictive in the earlier stages of its application and may be effective up to an hour of use.

Indeed other papers by Laughman R.K. et al (2) 3 Dimensional Kinematics of taped ankle before and after exercise, and Yamamoto T. et al (3) Effects of Functional Ankle Taping for Judo Athletes. Both found that zinc oxide tape is effective in limiting ROM Range of Motion in the Joint and in the prevention of ankle injuries.

Other Factors In Hand Injuries 

Bone density, the technique of punching, connection or region of impact and hand position, previous history of injuries and quality of gloves, may all be contributing factors to hand injuries!
Was the wrap correctly put on? If so the compressive and stabilizing effects of the tape may contribute greatly to the reduction of hand injuries and the technology in gloves


There needs to be more research specifically in the area of hand wrapping before a conclusive result can be found. However, that does not diminish the effects of tape in providing stability (4) to a joint therefore providing some protection against injury.


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  4.  Rovere G.D. et. al (1998) Retrospective comparison of taping and ankle stabilizers in preventing ankle injuries



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